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Our comprehensive knowledge of the products helps us to solve and meet all your technical issues: product compliance, conditions of use, compatibility… our team of battery specialists will provide the most accurate solution to your needs. 


We implement technical solutions to meet your markets’ needs and issues, be it for legal, customs, sales or marketing questions, and to customize your products with (among others):

  • Laser engraving

  • Specific user manuals

  • Warranty cards

  • Instructions

  • Specific packaging

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​Our long lasting experience of the African and Middle Eastern markets, as well as overseas territories, has made us knowledgeable about lots of exportation issues our customers may face.

We fully take advantage of this know how to support our customers in the administrative and operational processes.


As logistics experts as well, we use our know-how to support you in the delivery of your goods throughout the world in an efficient, fast and secure way.Our warehousing capacity and our in-depth knowledge of your markets enables us to offer one of the widest range of batteries in terms of references and availability.

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