New product! EFB battery for Heavy Duty! Nouveauté produit ! Une batterie EFB pour les Poids Lourds

ENG A new technology now available for heavy duty battery! EFB technology is particularly adapted for delivering high performances for all kinds of applications thanks to: - very high vibration resistance (vibration ≥ V3EN50342-1) - 2x higher cycling resistance (water consumption ≥ W3 EN50342-1) - increased charge acceptance - longer lifetime (compared to conventional batteries Available in the following brands: Freebatt, Revelium, Drivex, Blue Storm, Everkraft, FarNhigh Contact us right now to know more about EFB performances. Back to NEWS -------------------- FR Une nouvelle technologie désormais disponible pour les batteries poids lourds! La technologie EFB est particulièrement adaptée p

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